The ‘May- tide’ be with you!

(or “May the tide be with you!’ Or,,, #may the 4th(force) be with you,,,Either will do really, so long as something nice is with you. Wind, water, force, ice-cream all that stuff, haha!)

Moving into May, what a fantastic time for all new brilliant ‘potentials to arise!’ In concordance with the flourishing life awakening all around us. (Come outside and play, says the dolphin!) Something so amazing and new, that we haven’t even considered it. How #boojalicious would that be? Something so new and neat, that we are in awe to have thought of it! At times we can get so fixated on things to move or workout in a specific way, that we pass up the (momentarily) “unthinkable.’

All new concepts are unthinkable until someone thinks of it. Why not you be that someone!?-

Something completely phantasmagorical that is just the tiniest bit out of periphery, could become accessible at any moment. There are truly untold potentials, just the minutest shift away. Just a little alteration in the perception of an individual creates such a wide range of new befalling life- connections. These connections mediate new ‘feelings & moods,’ which we all know have great sway in our decision making.

Lets stay open to having whole new splendiferous ways of being, enter and reform our life experience.-

By just being open to possibility, you are already creating the potential for expansion. A wider range of experiences become available to take part in immediately by simply being open. Really amazing people (which I know you all are!) in any field, are open to change, evolve, adapt and think in potentials, others would considered completely insane!

Be that completely insane person! ;-p-

This life is yours to mold, let not a precious moment slip by in wanting. It can all start with the tiniest seed, nurtured over time, becoming,,, well I think you’ve heard this story before, so I’ll let you finish it. What does this seed of potential flourish into for you?

One transpicuous thought, outshines uncountable minds of mucky waters.-

Take this pure seed, bless it with your heart-unfolding, and behold it’s blossoming into the times to come. Releasing the seed, as all of life, into the fulfillment of itself.

Till the next Blog

May the tide be with you

Nicolas Heartmann

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10 thoughts on “The ‘May- tide’ be with you!

  1. I had looked up neap tide and spring tide and decided when I saw your comment that there must be something called a May tide as well! I decided it must be a synonym for a spring tide. The neap tide was appropriate because it occurs both in the first and the third quarter, just like I believe the most reflection perhaps occurs in those two periods of our lives, when we allow time for it.

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