The Great Observer.

Observance can be lots of fun! Specially turtles or,,, through a little slit in the blinds, perfect size to slip binoculars between, to watch your neighbors going about there business. (What are they doing over there? Shhh, not so loud.) However, believe it or not there are also other uses for this most amazing faculty of observance. Quantum physicists say that; all of matter is influenced on a cellular and quantum level by the mere act of observance.

Observance in its quintessence however, I believe does not influence anything.-

It simply allows all things to unravel, freely as by its bestowed nature. For most of us when we say; ‘we are observing.‘ What we are in fact doing (to some level or another) is, casting through a kaleidoscope of life experiences, our opinions, in the form of judgements upon the observed. This leaves a very obscure or sullied version of the actual subject in its ‘truth- state.’ Here the adage; ‘Things aren’t always as they appear,’ could really make some very good sense. Because, the way things appear through our kaleidoscope, so long as we are not in a state of ‘no- thought observance,’ is most likely a very mixed picture at best. A ‘no- thought state‘, is a very finespun- lucid state, which does need to be practiced. The practice is well worth the reward with which we are be-gifted. This ever clearer, more genuine, veracious- sight, to see things in actuality, is a true inherent miracle.

-A life lived with genuine sincerity of sight, is a gift to all.-

Through this act of learning to observe purely, we begin to clear our lives of unnecessary, weighing muck. Let us be freed from the mire of messy, personally opinionated observance. I mean doesn’t it feel great when there is none around to falsely observe you? The times spent in our hide away space, or on secluded insular walks through nature. Don’t we all get tired sometimes of peoples false presumptions or estimations of us? There is so much to say on this subject. I will leave it with this (for now, but be warned there shall be more ;-p); when we stop falsely observing others, ‘I’ve observed within myself,’ that I start to care less and less of others observations who’s trajectories are set on me.

When we cease to ‘falsely observe others, we become more and more impervious to ‘false observations ourselves.Through the clearing of ‘false observances,’ we wipe clean the mirror of the soul.-

To use a biblical proverb which seems very fitting to this most auspicious occasion; ‘Judge not lest thee be judged.’

Free others and we too go free! Expression is beautiful and best observed with a bag of awesome and a glass of awe!

May you choose to observe through transpicuous eyes, which see all things as they truly are.

The ‘Conclave of Observance,’ presents its gifts and greetings!

May you come into all your heart sincerely longs for!

Nicolas Heartmann

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7 thoughts on “The Great Observer.

  1. hey…speaking of observe….there might be a glitch in your blog. I am not too computer savvy, but after I communicated last week it said site is no longer available. but I did indeed access your page through my “followers” page and you popped right up. Maybe have some friends check. I love your blog and would hate to see a glitch. (or maybe the glitch is mine…). Have a nice day Nicholas.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NicolasHeartmann

      Thank you so much for bringing that up, I just checked into it, seems to be working. But, I’m going to have a few more people check it just Incase. 🙂 I’ve really enjoyed your blogs as well, super adventurous totally dig it. 😉

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  2. Andrea Wurthner

    So enjoyed your blog as usual. It made me think of a William Blake quote. “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is…INFINITE.” Thanks for sharing your insights and journey!

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  3. Anupam Dwivedi

    It is indeed the turtles, that sways the wind above my quivering lips. The slow subtle walk, the rigid scaly skin. It is but a magnificence how I could touch and pat the head of one as a 3 year old child. Yet, today all I have are some avatar the last airbender reruns to remind me of the subtle lad. It is a wish of mine to come across, a live turtle neigh a tortise at least – an adventure before I leave these shores. Yet, it’s disheartening the nature of things, and the abandonment of turtle eggs, that the Television documentary spoke off.

    It was a joyus attempt to come across your obeserving nature and receive a well needed pingback. I applaud you for protecting the eye of the turtle from being seen by adding a blue light on it. Save them and they might outlive a grandkid. it is the nature of the movie Ratatouille and the critic here in that one must comprehend as my subtext is known.

    Farewell young observer for now. We’ll cross paths in this sea of the internet if the algorithms wish so or if one subscribes to other. P.S. Doth thee notice the fact that the symbol for an Ethernet connection is much akin to a trident? AZeus – Posieden.

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