The astonishing ‘Golden Key.’

The Golden Key.

(With the intent to astonish.)

The golden key is a very special key, one we all carry intrinsically within our being. (Wow! Astonishing! Hahaha.) It is a key to a space of balance or harmony,,, of unburdened existence. What I’m saying is that behind all the noise of the day to day, lays a stillness, a serenity, a fountain or wellspring of nurturing awesomeness. That’s right nurturing awesomeness! It is felt when we relax, when we slowly breath and take notice of things.

Through simple ‘observance’ of things, the pentimento of essence unfolds into the forefront.

For most people, life seems a long process of exerting into exhaustion. (‘Ridiculous I know,,, we all live on clouds, what’s he even talking about?’ ;-p) There is certainly a wondrous healing aspect and “exoneration in exertion,” through exercise etc. And I am a believer in Pertness, still the fine line between pert and intrusive to you own inner balance, is something worth being mindful of.

No-thing is worth the toll of inner stillness of equanimity.-

We all hold this Magical Key, ever ready in hand. The question is, will we use it to open the Gate into our own inner potential, surpassing the specious veils of doubt?

Take this key of glittering gold, place it into the keyhole and unlock the temple doors of the heart.

In one sweet breath, swing open the temple doors.-

Let your passions fill your world, let them overcome all sense of lack. Let them overflow all anxieties or worry. All be washed, made clear as new, shining now only as potentials, residing in all directions of time. By the outpouring grandeur of the heart, each individual is remade. (Kind of like in that old school cartoon, ‘the care bears.’ ;-p Yeah, I had to take it there, the care- bears rock and are also pretty astonishing.)

Auspicious- astonishing goodness for all!

Be awesome!

Nicolas Heartmann

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