Vagueness as the magic of creation!

It is good to be #vague about somethings! Vagueness as the #magic of #creation! Vague now clear later!

Why?’ You might ask.

Certain ‘considered potentials,’ carry with them counter intentions. Those are the feelings of doubt or pain, which may come up in connection with the thing we are overly direct or covetously desirous about. So my suggestion is this; be as clear as you can while still feeling great about it.

Yes it is possible to feel great about the things you do in life, most or even all of the time!

Be vague, when you feel like a thought just carries to much weight for you at the moment. Keeping in mind, your ability to reach deep into your reservoir of endless potential, may vacillate, from day to day or even minute to minute.

Use your depth of vision, at the times it is readily charged and available, forcing may create unwanted friction.-

My approach is usually to be more vague about my envisioning, and more clear on my feelings which are harbored in each moment. This way my good feelings, naturally create good thoughts or visions. I’ve given up trying to force life. It just won’t work, is way to strenuous and which’s glories or results are far to short lived.

Think less trust more, its a good way to be, ‘I feel.’-

I’m sitting here looking at some tomatoes which I planted a few days back. And truth is, I can watch them grow, I can do my best to nurture them, to the best of my ability. But, I can not force them to grow. If I ran over there now pulling on them crying and begging to have them grow, chances are I’d unroot them and bring ruin to the whole process. So I feel to be just be a little vague, on the how and when, is a very good thing. I just know they will flourish, and I know I’ll do my best to tend to them. The rest; what color they grow, what size they grow, when they grow and how many will grow, I leave that up to them. All I know is that I’ll be well sated. ;-p I leave the particulars to be solved in the moment.

Being a bit vague allows us some space to relax and unfold. In this unfoldment, untold storehouses of potential come to the fore-shine. A little vagueness now can create miracles of clarity, all on its own.

Wishing everyone a fantastic Monday, and a great start into this week! Make it a good one, follow your feelings, be bold in your endeavors!

Till the next Blog

with purpose

Nicolas Heartmann

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3 thoughts on “Vagueness as the magic of creation!

  1. Thank you for linking to my post.

    I do agree, taking some space, sitting back and letting the Universe cast its spell on our life by working it’s magic….is the key to less anxiety.

    Trusting…believing….knowing…we are exactly where we are meant to be! Right here, right now!

    Hugs, kisses, light, love and respect.


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