Into an ever greater- fantasticalicious childhood.

#Peter-pan syndrome
Partake in life!
Life isn’t all cookies sometimes we make ice-cream too!—

I’ve found that the people, I most emulate and see to be the most successful, all have one thing in common. They all have ‘Peter-pan syndrome‘ (I know, I know that’s not a real thing,,, or is it?). What I’m saying is this; at some point they simply chose, not to participate in one of the greatest plagues of our times. The plague called a ‘grown-up.’ You know your beginning to suffer of this horrid happening, if you are

1.annoyed a lot,

2. take everything way to serious, and

3. generally have lost interest in #puddle-jumping or #shower-singing.

I have a rule in my life, that goes like this; “for me to allow someone into my more inner circle of life & friendship, this person must at least be a shower singer.” I suppose I could make an exception with the puddle jumping (since it tends to be a very messy habit, though the most messiest habits are usually the funnest), however if there is a puddle near by, and your near me, learn to love and expect this valiant puddle jumper getting mud over at least the bottom half of your jeans.

– ‘You have been warned, #befriend with caution. ;-p’-

Ok now in all seriousness, as you’ve read in one of my earlier blogs (if you have not read it and liked it, prepare yourself for a surprise puddle jumper attack, in the near future), ‘none gets out of this alive.’ What this means to me is this, we really only get the moments we have. We are not guaranteed anything! I mean not even the next moment your potentially stressing out about is guaranteed. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, to worry about something, that is not. I am very firm with myself on this, and when these moments arise, they are short lived, I simply have chosen not to entertain such thoughts, nor the feelings connected with them. How do I do this? It’s actually quite easy after some practice.

1. Sometimes just some very deep slow breathing, where my intention is to not focus on anything, clears it out.

2. Sometimes, I swing around my swords (some fun cardio) for 15minutes or longer.

3. A nice walk in nature, the ocean if you are so blessed.

This list goes on and on, and the process of this is really the #inner- alchemy of transformation. All around it doesn’t matter what it is, you use to clear your mind and self with. Just make sure its fun and innocuous, keep in mind there is a fine line between, clearing and masking your feelings.

True courage is learning to forgive, let go and move on!

Both my grandfathers have taught me that age is in the mind. “There is absolutely, 100% definitely nothings anywhere written that says you can not go on a toy buying spree at 80 or older.” Truth is you will probably have more fun at 80 then you would have had at 8, simply because your level of appreciation for life. You can let go of trauma any time and relieve & relive any moment of your childhood you would like ‘Right Now.’ “Nothing stops you, Do It! I dare you! Run for that puddle!” (Sometimes a good dare, has been shown to increase impetus ;-p)

Anyhow, growing into a greater appreciation of our ability to participate, in awe with life, is #magic. Even when exploring the untold potential of our inner life and untapped abilities, we can do so with child like playfulness. I mean honestly this time here is so immeasurably valuable, this time is all we have. To move forward with anything less then something we feel good about, is completely un-expectable. Free your fetters of taking things to serious, you can still be responsible, just free yourself of all the extra unnecessary baggage. I’ve noticed at times, when you just let things be,,, they have a habit of fixing themselves. Before we end, here is your official, writers weather report of the day. This morning sunny, afternoon time cloudy and humid, looking forward to a good shower by the evening. And YES,,, there will be puddle jumping, and underwear dancing in the rain, when the on-pour begins! None shall stop my #reckless- frolicking onslaught of #epic, arms open wide, rain and thunder enjoyment… ohhh,,, you’ll see! ;-p

With giggles, purpose, muddy shoes and merriment

Nicolas Heartmann

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8 thoughts on “Into an ever greater- fantasticalicious childhood.

  1. Caro

    Great to be reminded of taking it all not too serious and going back into the perception of a child.
    Always love your words and funny, creative expression! Miracles all around!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t wait to read more of your posts! Hahaha, I was just puddle dancing with my two year old grandson last week. So much fun having the excuse of a grandchild, but really . . . When it comes to puddles, or just embracing life, who needs an excuse?!?!?!?!

    Liked by 1 person

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