Forces Parallel.

He gave one last look over his shoulder, which was ornate with bright silver metal-pads resembling a falcon, its filigree bearing the marks of past battles. Shutting his eyes to the many fallen, his boots dug with solid vigor into the moist earth. He had gained a foothold, on this once peaceful land, which was now soaked in blood of virtuous men and women. With an imperious shout he rallied the last of his contingent at arms.

“Today this land will be returned to its people and freedom shall reign once more! For every being who has suffered under this filths tenure! LETS END THIS HERE AND NOW! TO VICTORY,,, CHARGE !!!” Val declared with ardency.

Igniting the nimbus of courage once more within his men and within himself. Val and his forces moved toward there quarry, crushing anything moving in there path. As a wrecking ball ensconced of righteous fury, they fought there way to the gates which have stood for suppression of countless years. Bringing his troops to a halt at missiles length. Val knew very well there would be still the high guards to deal with, knowing them to be a greater threat then the conquered army laying at rest behind him. He turned to face his troops, locking in a victorious gaze with his captain of the guard, both mustering a smirk of parallel motive.

This moment has been a long time coming.—

“Reorganize our troops, we shall make camp, they shall be ousted, famine will be our sword.” Vals somber expression, was of one seeking resolve.

Far of in the distance, over the mountains, on the very peak of the grand tower of the ‘Observative order.‘ A magi with his pensive gaze, passes through a soaring falcons eyes, onto the battle field.

“Val, you have done well, both forces are now equal in there puissance. I shall be the third force, to shatter the parallel.” The hooded magi spoke in cooing whispers, then turned looking back at his desk eager to return to his studies…

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Beautiful glowing– ‘arcane symbols’ orbit the Tip-Jar ! (Uh,,, how auspicious.)


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