The things we leave behind. (Song of life.)

(#Liberation from #Anxiety. #Surviving #Earth part 2 thx to; Ed Morning)

Just recently a good friend of mine, made a comment on my Blog; ‘surviving earth.’

He said, “Nic, your in the upside down.” (a reference to a show called ‘stranger things.’)

The upside down is a sort of appellation or reference to what we might call; a shadow world. I suppose it can be expressed in concept, as a place where the things we’ve left behind reside. I’m pendulating to say that; these are not just things left behind. But, things left behind, which remain unresolved. A mentor of mine brought clarity to this concept; explaining these things to be almost as ‘coal.’ Something which can be sort of mined as fuel, for creating some of the most fascinating of things. Sadly most people do not turn to uplift there unresolved happenings. Rather running passes as the visceral action, hiding in shame, regret or the like, the moment the experience comes up within. If more people chose to do there shadow work, there world and this world would (and will) be a most miraculous planet to live on.

-You are the ‘Hero’ of your story!-

The reasons I bring this up is because, I feel the value of integration, true-release and reconciliation to be of such immeasurable value, a puissance to potent to be just quickly ‘swept under the rug,’ and discarded. It’s in some way as if, every time we fall victim to our fears/ anxieties, we are stretching ourselves, our power, our connection with our authenticity thinner and thinner. Drawn out over time, as these planets and stars circle to purify our hearts, ‘churning, eons in the making.’ It is as if, every time we discard unresolved experiences, we deem them as without containing any meaning. When in truth, it seems to me that all things hold very precious value , the good, the bad, all of it with great potential.

-Leave not such a magnificent well spring of vitalizing gifts, derelict and vacant!-

We should rise in our experience, we should dream the grandest life we can reach to envision! All I am saying is this; ‘when the shadows (shadows, uuh,,, sounds so mysterious, my goodness) call,’ it is best not to run. Instead to face these things, with a loving pensive gaze filled with all the compassion we can muster, directly into the heart of its specious existence (Breath in deep, fill your lungs, ‘choose’ to let go,,, release. Rinse and repeat.). Within this center point, the analogy of the heart, though the encompassment appear dark and insipid, there is a glorious goodness. This pure space inside, you will come to know as your own, your truth within lucid- clarity, after the work is done.

—Yes! It is as simple as letting go! (Breath…)—

You see with an untethered heart, there is no telling what completely amazing potentials we may choose to participate in. Using the analogy of a child, untainted, fearless, bold, we to can be these things again. Forged wisdom, tempered with child like innocence to just be, and express interests with wholesome honesty.

—May the sincerity found within compassion, enamor and set us free!

May we all rise to clarity, rise to experience this life within all it’s glory and wonder!—

Ok enough of all this serious talk! Let’s get to the fun and mischief right? Yes, exactly and I don’t really feel there is much more to tell at this moment then this; “Walk your heroes journey, ‘breath the inner and outer breath as one into liberation,’ face yourself and go deep until you find buried within the caliginous realm, your beloved heart of hearts and set it free!

May you be blessed and free.

May you find your way to resolution.

May you arrive on your journey into wholesome happiness.

All things are forever in your very precious hands!

All support is given you!

All eyes are set on you, in expectancy of the shooting star you are!

Thank you and till next time

With Purpose

Nicolas Heartmann


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13 thoughts on “The things we leave behind. (Song of life.)

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  2. Andrea Wurthner

    Wow! Honest, pure, heartfelt, and a Bright Light! Thank you for shinning light into the depths (shadows) of the inner work of the Spiritual journey. This blog was one of my favs. Thank you!!!

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