Surviving Earth and glimmering. (None gets out alive!)

What a fantastically gruesome title for a ‘Friday the 13th’ post right ? –

I’ve heard it said, “none of us will leave this place alive!” A threat? Not to sure,,, but certainly a dab disconcerting, wouldn’t you say? When first hit with this realization, I do believe it awakens a sense of need within oneself for some reconnoitering. I recall being unable to sleep for many nights, haunted and taunted by the thought of worms or worse eating me. I also remember my mother telling me something to the likes of; ‘Ooh, don’t worry you’ll be in a wooden box which will keep you safe.” This was little reason for comfort. I kept thinking, ‘oh goodness, how long will this wooden box hold up to the creepy-critters relentless onslaught?’ After bringing this slight flaw in the wooden boxes safety to my parents attention. I very clearly remember them saying; ‘Don’t worry by the time they get through the box, there wont be much left of you anyhow.”

-My fate hung between worms and decay.-

Clearly this didn’t bring me the desired comfort or resolve either. The thoughts of slowly falling into detritus, was even more flustering, then the worms enjoying me for lunch. After which they will most likely, gather for tea and discuss the pleasantries of a well aged corpse. How macabre, yuck!

This traumatic information, ensued another question. If we are to end in such a trite fashion, where was I before I got myself into this confounding situation of such an unavoidable bitter end? The possibility of me just simply not existing, as life continued on it’s marry way, just didn’t sit well with me. I mean who will be around to wreak havoc and fuckery? My inner thoughts just couldn’t really understand, if something was here, ‘how could it be gone? I mean where would it go to? It must end up someplace?’ I mean for such an illustriously- complicated experience as awareness/ life, to end up in the former painted picture of the all to cozy, (but surely friendly) worm and critter party, is just unacceptable.

There are lots of thoughts and opinions on the subject, and I feel they are all really interesting. I do not believe it perfidious to learn from all you can, and at the end create your own meaning.

-As this experience billows over our existence, in the currents of time, as the waves do the ocean, turning to myst ever reforming-changing, still life unbridled ever unfolding, never undone, remains.-

It seems to me, life, awareness, ‘not just mind intelligence,’ but an awareness each thing carries within itself, to the level of its own potential, is something we all share. A sense, a feeling, a way of its own personal observation of its experience. I just feel, if creatures living, plants etc. do not have a brain, that simply does not mean, it rests utterly inert without experience. I just think the experience, may differ from what we may consider to be existence. We just become so used to being human, because in our life, chances are that’s what we have been since birth ;-p. And oddly enough it becomes difficult for some reason, for people to consider potentials outside there present experience. I do believe, to dream and to consider potentials is what makes for a very amazing and fun coalescing in the time we do have. So I strongly encourage you to dream, to consider, to hope and to ponder.

There simply must be a greater end for this intricacy far beyond our understanding, this fantastic and wondrous being of you!

Happy Friday!

Written with a friendly smirk (“not smurf, smirk.”Though if there was a friendly smurf here, it would surely make a glorious tale to regale and bewilder. And we shall tell such tales, ‘behold the wonder yet to ensue,’ on another time!)

Nicolas Heartmann

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