Easter Radiance

Since everyday is any day. anyway, this should be fine to post when Easter is already over. Also who can ever really get enough of fluffy bunny pictures, now clearly timeless and omnipresent right? I mean honestly.

How cliche it is, to write an Easter Post on Easter anyhow- no Nic, you can’t! Your better then that (just post it a day late, that ought fix this tedious mundane trend),,, but omg, did you see how cute and happy that bunny looks! whooo! Easy, easy– wait for it, the bunny will still look cute a day after.

What a completely adorable fuzzy (wuzzy?,, hmm,,, no I wont go there) critter, just perfect in all it glory as Easter holiday mascot.

I think it speaks to us, pointing at something we may have given up, maybe even so past, as to have slipped into forgetfulness. Something very meaningful, with an auspicious radiance to it, ‘uhh shiny!’ Something that is just waiting on that little Easter-Bunny nudge of senseless- rhapsody. A reminder that, with a little belief and fervor, old hopes can become new again, making there hoppy-happy way (I can’t believe I just wrote that) into becoming.

— Insert fantastic and witty story about; following a rabbit down the rabbit hole. Where (after a mini heroes journey) you are then brought face to face with the gifts you have forgotten. As you magically return home, you recollect fully all that has transpired and excitedly follow, the resurrected purpose of your life. (With great appreciation to fluffy rabbits everywhere.)—

Wishing everyone a splendiferous ‘day after’ Easter perfect for resurrecting anew our glorious potential (any day and time you want)!

Nicolas Heartmann ;-p


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