Daily prompt


To many live there lives feeling inefficient, when they are in fact anything but. Within the mechanisms of our given faculties, lays buried an endless store house of munitions. Unfortunately the true source of our power rests entombed, untapped for lack of impetus, deriving from our falsely placed disbelief in our potential.

-You see, no matter where you are in life, no matter who you are, you are always endowed with a choice.-

A choice to find worth in the abilities you do have, or be taken down by the ideas of lack, focusing on everything not momentarily available. A pejorative self nature is a cycle of inefficiency indeed, one that must be overcome and undone! To overcome inefficiency, to rise from out the crestfallen we return to the space where all true might arises. Worth comes from within! It is a knowing inside, that through your hearts-might, through just a simple smile given another, by the virtue of having overcome inefficiency within, you hold value beyond reckoning.

-If you have conquered inefficiency on the inner world, you are as pure Gold, as the suns rays to all of life, to the outer world!-

Have an amazing


Thank you daily prompt (inefficient)

Nicolas Heartmann

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