The Dreams Might!

(The greatest investments are those placed into dreams.)

The most profitable times we can spend are the ones in which we dream. Wholesome dreaming, moments in which we allow ourselves to slip into lucidity. Here we are detached from the when and hows. We know upon entering this space that; the hows always show up in just the right moment. That without a hint of any effort, ideas filter themselves into being through our minds. Have you ever given a moments contemplation of where ideas or dreams come from? Have you ever in your personal day to day noticed, that the more open we are to possibility, relinquishing the need to push or force, creativity just flows. You see, creativity is likely the most intimately-intrinsic part of our existence. It is when all the world, and all its cadence can move to, and through you, unhindered by personal strife or opinion. We are as one with an immeasurable whole, and the more we can learn to listen to this calling, this voice, the more we become ‘immeasurable.’

—Listening and feeling your connection, facilitated by the virtue of relieving yourself of your personal traumas, allows you ever deeper access into the inner workings of life. —

I wished I could impart in these words, the feeling accompanied by this connection. Still words always fall short, because this is an intimate experience between you and every minute living thing. From the wind, the falling leaves or critters roaming about, all things contain this virtue of connectedness to the whole of life. Go for the experience, lay down your guard just for a short while. Allow your self to be taken on a journey by these words. Try not so much to mentally understand the words. If you made attempts at trying to understand a moving, ever changing dream, with the potential to be anything at all, it would be a very impossible task.

—It would be as though trying to capture the essence of the winds moving cadence, in a glass.

It just can not be done, you can however stand in an open field close your eyes and experience all its expressions. The essence of life can not be captured, can not be chained, can not be forced, you are this ever unfolding puissance beyond strength.

—When we make attempts at control, we separate ourselves from the every-moment gifts life has for us.—

The want to control is really a thing which we have adopted, within our being, that believes itself as separate and as victim to the process of life. (The writings which ensue are just my own personal reaching into possibilities. Truth be told the idea of a why or a cause may be altogether to small, as to hold a foundational block.)

My thoughts are these; It would appear as though the desire to control, arises out of a concept, which was necessary for this experience of life, which we may call a ‘great injustice.’ The idea of a great fall at the end of the rise. This may very well be true. That there is (in this version of experience of life) a high, a low, a rise, a fall etc. Also it would appear logical that, each is there so the other may be. And it may very well be an ever on going cycle, so long as this version of reality is desirable to the whole. However, I do not believe this one experience of good, bad, right, wrong, rise, fall, and so on,,, to be the only available experience.

Consider this: Boiling hot water, poured over a giant ice cube, which is resting in the middle of a fashionable jacuzzi. Alone neither would be very desirable, I mean who wants to sit in an empty jacuzzi, with air just blowing at you from all sides. And certainly hangin out in swimming trunks around a giant ice-cube, would not be on the check list of things I cant wait to do in this life. And chances are boiling hot water is just simply out of the question. ;-p. Yet if they all coalesce together as one, you can be sure neighbors will soon arrive, with bathing attire, to partake in this glorious marvel.

My point here being this, when the opposites come together in a glorious bathtub of potential, unfathomable possibility arises. That within this wonderfully tepid water, we melt into ourselves becoming, untold waves of potential again. And may I ask you, within the concepts of this parody (for those who have had the experience of being in a jacuzzi), does it not almost impart to us the feeling of just melting into possibility, in its soothing, relaxing and harmonizing awesomeness? (Nic puts down the IPad and runs with unbridled volition for the nearest Jacuzzi.)

—Let this not just be another concept or idea, to hear and pass of. It’s potential for us, is to great to act flippant. Personally, empirically experience this possibility for yourself.—

This space of balance of equanimity, the culminated coalescing of opposites is inside each of us. The reason I bring this up is because I do not believe that we need to wait on the world and all its people, to dive into the experience of a new potential within ourselves. It is something that takes place inside each of us, coming to fruition when we have severed the tethers which bind us. At this point you will need to begin working introspectively seeing in all honesty, where we still hold tethers to this specious reality (where our dream is thwarted from flight). Do we believe in these concepts but still act out a disbelief when interacting with people, business situations etc. Or have we truly adopted the concept of our connectedness, in which we live in trust and faith of our inner nature (and our ability to intentionally partake in the unfolding of our experience)?

—When we reach this space of sincerity, Dreams become endowed with the interconnected puissance of our essence.—

It would appear that dreams do need something. They need your belief in there potential to become. Like a growing child needs, (if it is to fully flourish in its potential), the gentle guidance and belief of a nurturing parent. So do your dreams need you. At first it is your faith in your parents (that is if you were gifted with such parents), who’s believes pass on to be your dreams (for a time),as your own. But as we grow this faith in our abilities and potential ought to, in time, come to be self- volitioned.

-It seems to me that most heartaches or anxieties derive from our disbelief, feeling we have no say of things to come.-

I would hereby invoke within each of us the strength to challenge this doubt with the faith of the heart. ‘Faith of the heart’ is not a caliginous spiritual idea. No, I speak of the ardent feeling we have all sensed at some point in time. The unexplainable feeling which rises in moments of exultation, in righteous justice, when tears fall down mountain walls, when we stand to exclaim with ardent-awe, this is it, the old way will do no more! It is in such moments, where we Handel the mana of life, with the might to change our experience forever. Live valiantly, effortlessly in the knowing of this purifying flame inside. You do not need to always be a conflagration, just know the harmonious candle flame holds such vast potential, as to be inexorable. I believe the reason we can not know, the definite outcome of the balancing of forces or the joining into (lets just use this word for a moment) God, is because, it is in every cycle, ever new and at this apex there is only unknown- potential.

—The consciousness within the ability of dreaming, seems to me to be the most powerful force in existence.—

Part 2

Quantum dreams

Surrender to the Dream, it can save you! A lyric to a song, which I had recently written. And a subject so vast and interessting, that it challenges some of the highest ranking practitioners of self exploration. Im sure you have heard this proverb, “life is but a dream.” Most people have heard this verse being tossed around. Often as a lofty perspective of sorts or something airily spoken. But, have you ever considered it as something that may be more real, then we ever earnestly consider? Through our Sciences we have learned beyond a doubt really, that all of life is in motion, ever changing. Quantum physics takes it a step even further saying that; “Every particle holds within it untold waves of potential .” Very similar to a dream like state, wouldn’t you say? Very similar to the movements of dreams within our imagination, just waves of possibility, until we decide on a place for our attention.

—None of those things which appear to be fixed really are.—

—If it is true that thoughts hold matter, (As numerous quantum-physicists are suggesting.) then matter may very well be in a constant reforming, dream- like state. Existing as a fully integrated part of us.—

What I am suggesting here is that the only thing binding us to the manifested specious solidity of this world is; our very belief!

That in unbound, virtually unpredictable- reality, which seems to be the only constant there is, life is truly a moving, living dream. When we can release ourselves from the misperceptions bombarding our lives, (Past, future, family, friends, news reports, tv, radio, basically everything,,,) we return to a simple inner truth, which unfolds into infinite potential.

(I understand this next part may register to some as going to far. If I haven’t already lost you in translation. ;p

Thinking; “Oh now I know he is full of it.” I will leave it in as part of the Blog anyhow, in hopes that wholesome- criticism will allow for understanding.)

It is here in this beautiful space of infinite potential, where we can breath freely again, where our hearts and happiness unfolds. It is this space which endless saints and masters, have been ceaselessly, desiring to impart knowledge to us of. It is the power emanating from this space, which creates all you see around you. All comes from a vast endless ocean of infinite possibility. For the sake of creating an idea to conceptualize this vast ocean, I will call it here, “The Great Dream.” All is possible to you, the one that reads this, for you are; ‘The dream-weaver.’ With all creation at your beckon call.

—Releasing your falsities, waking into sleeping, into the space between, of pure awareness, aware that we are the dream, into becoming unbound potential again.—

Technique for practice:

Simply in your afternoon naps, be they if only 15min or less, allow your falsities to die/ return back into the dream. Close your eyes relax, rest and say to yourself that; you are leaving all your doubts, anxieties and fears here to be cleansed. Say to yourself that, you are for this time immersing yourself into the part of you which is free and infinite, to be anything at all.Remade into infinite potential, potential which can easily relinquish all apparent specious anxieties and fears. This practice/ conscious-nap, will be Replenishing you by clearing your mind and body of tension and stress. Know that when you come back from your slumber (affirm this to yourself, as you return), you waken into a new world, ‘trust’ is the key here. Trusting in your own natural innate faculties.

That without our interference, by nature you are cleansed and healed. Don’t ‘try’ to leave your worries behind in this practice, simply allow yourself to drift, with a dab of a reminder, that you are taking this time for yourself, to let go. (Btw: There is lots of research if you care to google a bit, on the health benefits of a mini-afternoon nap.)

—Cuts heal on there own, without your meddling, by the virtue of the bodies- nature.—

Repeat this process daily, releasing and trusting that things can, without your meddling, right themselves. This is a practice in repetition and intention. Each day as you grow in your practice, you will feel and watch the magic begin to unfold ever deeper, before your very senses.

Dream my siblings, and trust in your inner sense of knowing, which rises above all things.

If you have questions, are stuck or wish to share some of your own ideas, on this subject. Please feel free to contact me, I would surely love to hear from you.

Remember at the end of the day, all you have just read, is just a good story, which once was a dream.

Thank You for reading

With cadence

Nicolas Heartman

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5 thoughts on “The Dreams Might!

  1. This one is interesting, for the sake of: yes I agree most physical wounds heal themselves and quite a number of mental wounds do too. Alternatives to this lucid dreaming for healing purposes though: you tube has released some high frequency sound wave music that helps with inner workings of the brain specific to meditations and lucid dreaming and even autism support if you so desire.

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