The Magic above all else.

“It’s my fork and its magic!”

(The right attitude is everything, ‘it is magic.’)

He came walking into the kitchen, following the sweet wafting scent of something freshly cooked. He easily found his quarry, as his mischievous leer fell instantly upon a freshly made stack of pancakes. “mmmh…” he moaned.

“Those aren’t for you!” Admonished the guardian of cakes.

He walked over toward the drawer of silverware, pulling out a shinning fork. He raised it high up, almost hitting the ceiling. Brandishing it before the guardians protective gaze. “It is my fork, and it is magic!” He exclaimed.

The guardian pondered the situation, with great disbelief of the forks ability to hold true magic. Yet the guardian hesitated. Feeling an air of uncertainty as she beheld the brazen actions of the interloper and potential pancake thief. However keeping firm to first impressions, the guardian spoke. “No,,, it,, is, not!” In a most supercilious fashion, hand on hip, with all the trademark of a cake guardian.

Not wanting to anger the guardian further, he decided on a different approach. Lowering the fork from its apex of glory, he said. “Ok fine, be that way,,, it’s not really magic.” A bit sheepishly giving his fork another good look, then nonchalantly lowered it to his side.

Now disarmed of potential magical interference, to the guardians pursuits of clearing the kitchen. He swayed his way toward the guardian and,,, the pancakes. Speaking a promise to the guardian of leaving right after a good smell and gander. The guardian reluctantly agreed. Now at ease and feeling penchant about the ensuing departure of the interloper, the coast was clear.

Still holding the fork in one hand while fanning the fresh baked smell to his face and breathing deep… Passing a sly side glance to meet the guardian. “The fork may not be magic. But, I say it is and that’s half the battle.” He said, driving the fork straight through the corner of one pancake, bringing it into his mouth much to fast for the guardian to intercept.

He dropped the fork, running fast as he could around the corner to safety. The guardian was furious and swore vengeance which echoed out into the heavens, seemingly located above the kitchen ceiling.

,,,Most definitely legends will be passed down for weeks to come, about the fork which was gifted magical powers by a simple, mere, lustful, imaginative and hungry little thief.

—Surly the fork was not magic, but the thieves desire of the pancakes ensorcelled all by the magic-intent it endowed.—

(I am doing my best to stay circumspect of those needing more explicit quantifiable facts. However this is not always easy, since the concepts of consciousness are deeper rooted in mystery or the enigma of fantasy, then anything quantifiable. Note: To enter the experience, leaving the brain box is highly recommended.)

The Magic is this: your personal connection and relation with that which is. The purity and integrity of this connection will determine the quality and potency of its application. Magic is being applied, all the time, it is that which allows anything to be. In many ways, the concept or word ‘Magic,’ could very well be replaced with the word ‘consciousness,’ or possibly ‘intent.’ Keeping in mind we are using these words to play, in an attempt at grasping a concept which is endlessly vast. So very much so, that even the greatest understandings of it in comparison to its truth, would still be considered myopic.

—The mystery is beyond comprehension, yet to ponder upon it with child like awe and penchant- fascination, may be the very mystery unraveled. —

Nothing must be allowed before the magic, no personal thoughts, relationships, no feeling or thing, lest all fall apart. To be unshakable, we can not play the roll of marionette. Being pulled here and there, by our personal thoughts running amok, or others bedlams. The place where the Magic is the purest, is within its own nature. Meaning when it is left unsullied allowed simply to unfold, within ourselves. How do I know this? I know this because, through experience I’ve felt the personal bliss of letting go. Now letting go does not mean necessarily that we loose control, this is a conundrum bound idea. When we let go, in all honesty with ourselves now. What is really there worth holding on to? Since most of the things we hold on to, are just our personal miseries bound to our past storylines.

—Real letting go, does not leave you bereft of power! It returns your power to you! —

Keeping the flow of magic or power within you above all else, means learning to let go of that which thwarts its natural cadence. These things come in many forms and are easily spotted. They are anything with a pejorative- enervating effect on the person. As much as I understand how difficult it can be at times, to release, especially things very fresh or very old, it would still be in our best interest to do so asap. No matter how wrong someone may have done you, the festering of its sting and debilitating effects on our outlooks through imagination, drawn over time can be even worse. And in all honesty, the only one being hurt by our clutching to vengeance, regret or the like, is our very selves. Having felt the soothing exoneration found in release, it has become a very habitual almost visceral inner action to release difficulties. I no longer attempt to solve or muddle about in these issues at there face value of power where they are the strongest. Rather I have come to understand that in the release, the letting go of apparent difficulty arises the solution all on its own in perfect time of alignment with my own inner workings, as there specious natures are revealed.

—Make an ash heap of vise and virtue, be born anew in the magic of your own intentions, set-free your mind of fetters, all are self imposed, be they by your choice herewith made null.—

Each action will have its proper and just reaction. Clear the past here an now and promise yourself to make better choices in the times to come. This is the only sane choice. To bathe in regret, will surly be ones own, self destined undoing. That is the caveat, and behind it lay the wonders which await. Once the tethers are removed, prior faculties buried in the ruins of the relict glory that is you, lay themselves bare to your disposal. One of these faculties to arise is depth of vision. Belief of things yet unseen.

Depth of vision is your ability to see beyond present circumstances. This is where a desire can clearly be envisioned. Images of possibility, potentials of how this desire could be reached, become available and are accompanied by a feeling or a knowing that says; ‘Yes this can be accomplished.’ There is a sense of belief which enamors and empowers the inner world of the individual.

—Does this really work? It works as far as you do it, Yes.—

There is a natural charm which comes to the forefront when an individual begins to break through its bondage’s. Dark fetters which ensconce the mind with lies. Lies of deficiency or lack, these bonds can become so very real to the individual. But, I promise there is a pasture so very green, beyond the lies. It takes a hero to make it through, yes. And the hero goes on his journey through the tethers to slay the dragon. And as we all know the dragon guards treasures beyond reckoning. But the greatest treasure of all is ourselves which we regain. It is out of the empowered self that smooth flowing magic emanates. Such immense apparently effortless power, lays within the free-heart,,, it will turn the being to gold.

—Every experience is a healing into a greater self.—

We all go through fluctuations of freedom and tether one to ensue the other. Still, out of every cycle or fluctuation we become a little more wise, a little more free. There are then in fact no bad experiences, all are in turn healings leading into a better greater, wiser self. I like to always through these thought patterns, see us with age ever growing wiser and more beautiful. Ever fine tuning the wondrous flow of life- magic, as we move within its ineffable- enigmatic mystery. Each man or women is responsible for his or her own happiness. I strongly urge you to find the ardency within yourself to not settle for less, then all the wonder that is you. Make in Ash-heap of doubts and rise from out the purification cleansed and new, ready and willing to live life, “On your terms.”

With love and virtuous cadence

Till the next transmission, may you be empowered of the self, in connection to all. Choose now compassion, strength and freedom.

Yours in Word and Heart.



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