Make it good again

(Freedom of Self- Responsibility)

In life we are faced with decisions, this much we can all attest to. At times we can make decisions that appear to have been counterproductive. However let me assure you every decision regardless of the apparent outcome, holds a lesson well worth its weight in gold. If at first things appear not to go according to plan, it simply does not matter, because; Truth be told, I have risen from out of apparent ‘nothing’ more times then I can count. And can impart to you through experience that, if any given outcome is undesirable, then I’ll just create another, its not over till the last day falls.

—The adage ‘This is your one shot,’ (in my opinion) should be forever erased from the archive of proverbs for all eternity. —

Because, it is simply false. Life will lay the lessons before you, (lessons necessary to further grow, becoming a more conscious human being) again and again until you come to understand there gifts. Also, lessons can and ought to be learnt and surpassed, they do not ever need to turn into travesties. Become a Women or Man that sees only potential, make it a practice from moment to moment, making it a direct choice, to see only the potential in everything. Keeping in mind, when you begin to expect a turn around (this does not need to be forced), holding an inner expectancy in simple easily maintained faith, will make it so in good time. All things, even coal or discarded waste, can be fuel or raw material for the miraculous. Remember, beyond the cellular core of things, there are only energy- waves of potential. Id like to call this ‘the ever reforming and expanding dream,’ always in a state of becoming. As existence finds ways of ‘God-ing’ again and again. (Side note: I only use the word God, for lack of a better way to translate that which is everything.)

—God does not exist, existence Gods.—

Yogiraj Siddhanth

And as beings we are the process of ‘Goding,’ ever unfolding within our infinite potential. We exist because we are becoming, God does not exist, he is not in existence, never entering the illusion. For existence ever unfolding is the dream reforming, never truly real only ever in transition. The only thing real, is it’s malleability to mold around our dreams into becoming what we see ourselves to be. And within this dream I ask this, for us all; ‘May we be granted the strength to turn our fears (lingering shadows of our past experiences), to move into the recognition of truth.’ Seeing that through the outlook of our inner being, we come to experience the world around us. That the taking responsibility of thoughts, feelings and deeds is not a bane, but a blessing. A harbinger of the actuality of this existence. It seems the one thing there is no real choice in, and that is existing, for whatever it means, it would appear to me as though we are eternal. For if we are not here? Where would we have gone? How could things just disappear? Sure the form is not eternal, it is ever changing as the dream. Yet forms come and go within the cycle of things, still the one constant steadily remains. The indivisible consciousness we all share. Consciousness is not like something, for example a species, that may one day be extinct. It is the very intrinsic happening within existence, without it, there would truly be nothing. (I apologize if some of this is difficult to digest, I do promise that with time, your own experiences will unfold personal insights into these topics.)

—Many circumstances we find ourselves in, are circumstances of the stage humanity finds itself in, at this given time, within this society.—

Take them not to heart but instead become a path lamp to humanity. Show through your actions and inner workings, that we do not need to fall victim to our anxieties. In understanding that the sooner we can let go of these debilitating thoughts and feelings, the sooner we can move on. They are a ‘to be gotten over,’ and move on ever toward a good life. By not taking societies circumstances to heart, while taking personal responsibility for keeping your own space clear of such gangrene. You create a ripple of goodness, which in its immediate space creates miracles, continuing to move out to touch on some level all in existence. This is the true value, the true gift we have as sentient beings, to responsibly care for our own inner workings, thereby life becomes ever more a joy to live. I can honestly say that; The strength of my heart is the only currency I know. I’ve experienced the descent which comes with a broken heart, and also experienced the ascension which comes with the whole heart. Since this is so, I highly advice you treat your heart as such a treasure that it is. It is the greatest gift, to share your heart with others. And it is I believe our jobs to make sure that when we share our hearts, it is honored as such. This Blog has been a very deep journey so far, now lets lighten things up a bit. There is no need for smoking brains here, trying to figure it all out, it comes to you in ways your mind cant know now. The truth lays within a simple nature, beyond the mind, beyond comprehension. You can be in feeling, in knowing but the life ever evolving will show itself, at its own good time. There where many times I’ve thought back into my past, and if there were one thing I could pass onto myself into those past moments, it would be; To relax, think less, enjoy life more,,, do not allow things to weigh down your precious, precious heart.

—Enjoy life more, think less and dream away!—

To sum this all up, I would say; When you learn to trust with awareness in the connection of your feelings, you will receive ever the highest advice for any one given instance. Make listening to yourself one of your top priorities. Then regardless of outcome, the great gift received is the ‘beyond- value lesson,’ of ever deepening your personal connection to the source of all things, the source of self. There is no greater gift of higher value, then to know thyself, here lays resting for ever the fountain of inexorable strength and vitality. Revitalizing you with ever deeper recognitions to resound in all directions,,, as out of the forge of decisions a newer greater you is re-born.

With purpose,

Every moment born anew.

Nicolas G. Heartmann


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3 thoughts on “Make it good again

  1. Edward Morning

    It made me think, like no matter what we go through, you just go through it. Everything passes until you stop and when you stop, none of it mattered anyway. So stop and smell the roses! Spiritual beings having a human experience!

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  2. Andrea Wurthner

    Wow! These writings are SO beautiful and Powerful!!! You are an incredibly gifted writer/teacher. I stumbled upon these the other day when Sacred Sanctuary popped up on my phone…didn’t know you had a blog. Thanks for all of the inspiration, upliftment, Truth, bravery, wisdom, authenticity, and strength. Look forward to reading more in the future. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey there! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick
    shout out and tell you I really enjoy reading your posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the
    same topics? Thanks a lot!


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