The Churning.

Time and time again, I’ve put myself out there to learn anew. Testing myself, is there something I’ve missed, some lesson I’ve overlooked. Though I will always in one way or the other, be open to learn lessons from anyone who shows up on my path. (Truly believing that all we come in contact with does, harbor great lessons, and ever deeper reflective- gifts.) Out of it all i’ve learned again, that the only person, who can truly bring answers is yourself. By yourself I mean, the silent, still, unworried self. Which one of my mentors calls; “The inner Teacher.” The self inside which is connected to your whole being. Mind, feelings, intuitive faculties of future, past and now, all things which constitute your awareness. This is a very quiet knowing inside, that is very clear and easily understood. It is very intrinsically- rudimentary, the simple feeling of innocent child like being, which we can all tap into.

—This guidance system inside you never fails! There is just simply always a part of you which knows, without the necessity of rhyme or reason for why.—

I do not think we need to spend so much time pondering on every lesson in every interaction, to hear the Teacher. Rather just being attentive to insights on things, people, situations, etc. As they present themselves naturally, without trying (like in those moments, where it just goes ding,,, and an idea pops in). If we wanted to through our brain alone, make out every lesson, find every answer, it would surely be a most onerous task. Which would lead into a state of,,, let me call it; short circuiting (more or less madness). If we can see the brain as a ‘tool,’ rather then a ‘self,’ we can learn to apply its potential in ways to benefit our lives immensely. Though to self-deem the brain as being what we are, would simply be false. Just by logic alone, we all know, there is much more to us then just brain activity. I understand old-age science, (I’m just calling it that for now) places all things we experience as taking place in the mind only. Though when true emotions are felt, and I believe anyone who has ever loved would testify that; these emotions by far surpass the mind, that it is a whole-being experience transcending time and space. This experience being 99% invisible to the eyes and to the touch.

So now in all honesty, who is to say that simply because something does not have a brain, that it does not contain it’s own sense of experience within this world. It may surly be an experience without separation, which the brain through it’s analyzing can create. But it is most-likely that all things in existence have there own sense of experience within this whole. Each cell of any material which seems solid, is on a microscopic level, pulsing and flourishing with unexplainable life.

—All things on a cellular level, sentient or not, are alive!—

I know I tend to drift at times, slightly of subject when writing about these topics. But, that is because when the path of understanding begins to form, leading us deeper into the experience of consciousness- aspects, I feel it very important to finish that trail. And so long as there are people, living unconscious of the nature of there existence, I believe we can’t write or speak enough about the process into recognition of our potential truth. Over and over resounds the call, leading us ever in slight different ways, through unbound paths, into ourselves.

So back to the main reason for starting this specific Blog. As the call resounds again and again, so we are churned repeatedly, similar lessons always deepening. The lesson I was once again called on to perform was this; That no matter the decision you make, you will learn something and that so long as you understand the path which returns to what is truly important (which in my case is and has always been my connection to source, my own inner truth and heartspace), this connection will always remind you, that you may rise from nothing. That within the experience of conscious awareness which I believe is the most prime experience of self, there is inherently all you need; ideas, strength, inspiration, rest, empowerment, all that what to do’s etc.

—Always bringing yourself back to what is most important. Your beautiful connection to the enigmatic source.—

I experienced again the apparent magic when operating from this center, opposed to false securities of people, places, money and things. It is funny how, quickly and surreptitiously the material world, people and things, can lead us astray. Now, you may say ‘oh I already know that!’ Well,,, if this is going through your mind, I’d like to share that I’ve been thinking, ‘I know that,’ for a good chunk of my life and am still always learning to re-know it anew. This is an odd phenomenon I understand, but I believe it is so because life itself is always reforming and a thing that was yesterday, is not necessarily the same today. Most likely everything is something just a little different with every moment that passes. Such is the Magic of life and the unbound mystery of Consciousness. So it is very important to allow yourself to learn anew, as life reforms and forms anew.

Ok I will leave you with that for now. I hope you enjoyed this Blog, for my part it feels great after a very, very long break, to write again and share these phantasmagorical concepts.

With you in cadence

Nicolas πŸ˜‰

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