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What is it that makes a piece of writing worth reading? Is it the eloquence, learned skills of weaving and coalescing words into a purpose? Or, is it something altogether different? Is it just maybe prime-essentially, the heart in which these words are written that gives them true purpose? I do believe that in all we do, it is the heart, the intention you hold within that gives it might and meaning. It is here in the heart of things where you will find, (Pause for emphasis,,,;-) ‘the Sanctum of the Grand Magi.’ The Sanctum of the prime, transparent, natural- self, from which the world is perceived and ‘made.’ This is the home of pure, implacable, unbound fantasy. This is the wellspring from which all you see; pen, paper and yes these very words have arisen. Our Fantasy may be ungraspable and unexplainable, still it is undeniably this from which we forge our world.

— Lives lived enthralled by imagination are seen through empiricism, as the most joy filled fully lived lives.—

I think you can understand my reasoning behind choosing such a phantasmagorical title, as we begin to feel the enigmatic evoke and stir our interest. I believe we all deep down, within our own personal varying vacillations, gravitate toward our unfolding mystery into the depth of life. As if we knew inherently, that there was something to be found within the unkown, which is very much worth adventuring for. Lives lived in avoidance of this inner space, leave us feeling bland, undone and empty. Sadly this emptiness is to often filled with mind numbing activities or substances, in a futile attempt to fill the void.

—It is to the remedy of this insalubrious state that I dedicate this Blog.—

The counter-elixir is recognition and awareness of the power and responsibility, which comes with sentience. The definition of Sentience is this: “The power of perception; Characterized by sensation and ‘Consciousness.” This perception, this recognition of things around us, is the very spark- indivisible essence which is at the core of all things, as the one true constant. Let us here and now, begin by becoming keenly aware that we are conscious. That within this experience we innately bear the ability of choice, to by our will, focus our attention, for good or bad. This is the superlative understanding to which we come, as we begin to live a life of fullness and meaning.

—When feelings and virtues align,,, ideas, thoughts and circumstances begin to unveil themselves.—

Things before veiled and nebulous become clear, making there way in the form of ideas and images, into the receptors of the mind. This is why it is essential, to make being in the proper state of mind, the most rudimentary and vital of practice. So as you begin setting up your inner space, it is first and foremost that there be an air of loyalty and honesty. You will find with practice that; coming to be unequivocally honest with yourself, takes bravery, practice and sincere desire to want to better oneself. Reaching down into truth, into core, without turning away from the experiences we pass through in challenging instances (Moments which leave us wanting), is utterly one of the most rewarding practices. With a truth at heart, which resounds; “I can overcome all apparent obstacles, through sincere compassion and understanding for myself and others.” (Seeing that within sincere compassion and a desire to understand, the knots begin to untie and the mystery unravels, as we return to power.) The process begins with facing those things, which we often have a tendency to avert. Feelings must be honored and allowed there passage of catharsis, a purging of debilitating habits within and without. Courage and desire to go beyond is key here, it is needed as fuel to hold steadfast, diligently to our personal path and not waver. Mostly it calls for your attentiveness, to be aware and take responsibility, for the things you think, do and feelings you harbor. Keeping your inner sanctum bereft or unfurnished of basic principles makes for a very poor and convoluted life experience. It must be understood that; in order for things to change in life, there will need to be made some changes in the way we live. You see you are the main ingredient in your life, and your inner Sanctum aligns itself through and by your integrated approval. This is because at the core, you and the Sanctum are one. These changes can be made simply, by recognizing the benefit in life quality which arises by doing so. In most cases it is not about removing problems, but adding in things that do work well and serve you. By adding in good things more and more, bad habits tend to lessen there grip and eventually dissipate. Sadly sometimes changes don’t come till after a catastrophe occurs, in those moments when our bad habits, our feelings, our thinking and actions collapse on themselves. Truth is; destructive self defeating habits fall in on themselves and conclusively destroy that which they inhabit.

—Truth is, sometimes habits, programs become so old,,, where the life in which we live simply no longer supports them.—

Learn this lesson before it turns bitter. Making a promise to yourself (keeping always ‘loyal’ to your promises to self), that you will be the guiding force from here on forth in your life. That you will not turn a blind eye to destructive habits, that you will not let yourself fall. That you will find the personal responsibility to free yourself, one step, thought, feeling at a time. The path to creating a cordial inner space, is by partaking in things that bear good, sustainable, nurturing feelings as often as possible. Creating habits that promote your own personal well being. The way to do this is through educating yourself, in what I will call the three keys of might. Putting the practice of balancing these keys at the forefront of any undertaking will have you prevail. Understanding that they notably and profoundly make up the foundation of your undertakings.

These are:

1. Nutrition.

2. Physical exercise.

3. Guiding, clearing, teaching and balancing the mind.

Here through discipline you enter the realm where true magic begins.

—When these three keys are in harmony, they will begin to resonate and form a fourth key.—

The fourth key in many ways, is the key which allows you to fully enter and immerse yourself in your Sanctum. It is the key to the gate of clarity. Here you become very keenly aware, seeing ever closer to the truths of what you are. And that this you, is indivisible, that you are in some unfathomable way connected to all things, via this Sanctum, this space inside. Potentially this connection can be gotten at any moment, even without tending to the other three keys. However it will not ‘in my experience’ be as clear, as lucid, lasting and ‘real.’ It is simply hard to maintain a strong connection to self, when your habits in these fields speak in contra to your well being.

— Your thoughts, feelings, intentions, virtues and actions must be aligned for there zep-tepi or zenith of power to unfold.—

All of this is accomplished the same way anything is accomplished. From learning to play a musical instrument, becoming adroit at your chosen sports or apt at your profession. A desire to do so and the diligence to practice assiduously, or at least on some regular basis. This is key in maintaining our inner sanctums integrity. My intent here is not to run over techniques (Meditation, affirmation placements etc.), but to bring home the point, value and meaning of integrity or inner comportment. ‘Integrity‘ is the key word, which is the equivalence to; staying honest, true and coming to listen and follow our personal inner guidance on our personal-chosen path. Clearing the inner clutter of the mind and hearing the inner truth may take some time. The upholding of your practice, the clearing, continuing steadfast toward your callings, your visions, will free you of floundering.

—It is through walking your path, that you will find and be on your path. —

Keeping true to your epicenter of virtues, you will come to a very valuable insight; That when we are feeling caliginous, unbalanced, frustrated, unfulfilled, it is because we are most likely not staying loyal to our practices. Finding ourselves in a futile attempt at escaping our feelings, our inner work. One thing ensuing the next we loose our awareness of where our focus is going and we stray again and again. In most cases it is because one has not yet understood that to learn something truly, repetition is needed till the subject becomes you, becomes the norm, becomes the ultimate habit.

May you become aware of this superlative space, this sanctum inside, and may you always have the integrity to uphold its virtues.

Magically yours

Nicolas G. Heartmann

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